Two Sided LED Home Phototherapy For Rent- Call : 0123404007 or 0163404626


Product description

Two Sided LED phototherapy  is a device designed to treat jaundice in the mother’s room . The double-sided, high-power LED lighting cures the most severe cases of jaundice and dramatically reduces treatment time.

The device is compact, intuitive, and durable enough to treat jaundiced babies in comfort at home and promoting breastfeeding.

Our key innovation is providing top and bottom phototherapy with  high power LEDs, providing state-of-the-art intensive treatment in a compact package.


We provide renting service base on 3 Days:Neonatal_Rapid_Test_Jaundice_Meter_CE_approved.jpg_220x220[1]

Option 1 : RM400.00 ( Phototherapy Device + Eye Patch )

Option 2 : RM470.00 (Phototherapy Device + Eye Patch + Jaundice Meter)

For details please contact

TEL / WhatSapp : 012-3404007  or  016-3404626


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