"Firefly Home Phototherapy - a cost effective, intuitive phototherapy device designed to treat newborns with mild to severe jaundice in low-resource settings."

Baby Therapy has been bringing convenience, quality care allows your baby to go home from the hospital. It is much better for all concerned that your infant is in a loving, secure environment that only a family can provide. It also costs much less than hospital based therapy. Parents can now rent phototherapy machines to treat their jaundiced babies in the comfort of their own homes, instead of admitting their babies into the hospital. What are your thoughts and experiences on this type of home medical care.

Two Sided LED Home Phototherapy For Rent- Call : 0123404007 or 0163404626

Product description Two Sided LED phototherapy  is a device designed to treat jaundice in the mother’s room . The double-sided, high-power LED lighting cures the most severe cases of jaundice and dramatically reduces treatment time. The device is compact, intuitive, and durable enough to treat jaundiced babies in comfort at home and promoting breastfeeding. Our key innovation […]

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Highlights • Do I need to worry about my baby’s jaundice of the newborn ? • What is the cause? • How common is jaundice in newborns ? • How to treat jaundice ? • How do I know if my baby has jaundice? • Do dangerous jaundice ?

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HomeTherapyy.com – Home Phototherapy  Jaundice for Rent We are HomeTherapyy.com located in Selangor , Malaysia .If you found this page, you may have been looking for a  Phototherapy Device  for rental, which may be causing a little stress.  For you want to be home and yet your doctor has informed you that your baby has jaundice […]