Rent Phototherapy For Jaundice – Home Phototherapy For Newborn Jaundice

Firefly is  intuitive phototherapy device / equipment designed to treat newborns with mild to severe jaundice.images[1]

10% of all newborns worldwide require treatment for jaundice to prevent severe brain damage, lifelong disability, and death. Firefly Phototherapy high-intensity doublesided LED phototherapy equips you to treat this potentially hazardous condition.

Firefly Phototherapy Key Features


  • compact      form fits in an infant cart or mother’s bed
  • handholds      facilitate easy portability
  • tight      seams to prevent dirt build-up
  • curved      surfaces for easy cleaning
  • sealed      to keep out most bugs, dust, and liquids
  • no      moving parts, no internal fans
  • medical-grade      power supply

Top Light

  • fixed      at the most clinically effective height
  • slim      form for easy patient observation
  • curved      top prevents placement of objects that fall on infant
  • soft      edges to protect infant during placement

Bottom Light

  • durable      thick-walled plastic
  • tilted      bottom directs heat off back edge of device


  • removable      for patient transport and diagnostics
  • comfortable      handhold around the rim
  • smooth      surface for quick wipe-down
  • clear      scratch-resistant plastic for easy observation



Cost Breakdown

Delivery,   Setting Up and Collection

(   Area : KL & Selangor)


Rental   for 3D2N


 Eye   Patch  


*Total   Charge  ( 3 days)



Rental Rates Base On 3D2N

Option 1:  RM 380.00  ( Phototherapy Device + Eye Patch)

Option 2 : RM430.00 ( Phototherapy Device + Eye Patch + Jaundice Meter)

Call : 012-3404007  or 016-3404626










* Total Cost may include Delivery , Setting Up and Collection in KL and Selangor area ,rental for three (3) days and consumables items (Eyes Patch



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