Rent Phototherapy Light (Newborn Jaundice)

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Rent  Phototherapy Light For Jaundice – newborn


Cost Breakdown : 3D2N

Delivery, Setting Up and Collection

( Area : KL & Selangor)


Rental for 3D2N


 Eye Patch  


*Total Charge  ( 3 days)


Rental Rates 3D2N:

Option 1 : RM380.00 ( Phototherapy Device + Eye Patch )

Option 2 : RM430.00 (Phototherapy Device + Eye Patch + Jaundice Meter)

Call :  012-3404007   or  016-3404626







* Total Cost may include Delivery , Setting Up and Collection in KL and Selangor area ,rental for three (3) days and consumables items (Eyes Patch).


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