PHOTOTHERAPY LIGHT FOR NEW BORN JAUNDICE  provide home phototherapy light  machine for rent in Selangor , Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan,  allows you to treat your newborn jaundice at home . 


LED Phototherapy is very safe and has no adverse effect on the baby’s skin as it is not hot and does not produce heat which can hurt the baby’s skin.


The – firefly phototherapy device trusted by Southeast Asian clinicians to be used for treating newborn jaundice in the same room with mothers, optimizing the cycle of phototherapy and feeding for rapid and effective treatment. Its combination top & bottom phototherapy and high-tech aesthetic make it and idea and affordable.


 Rental Phototherapy Light  From

Parents can now rent phototherapy machines to treat their jaundiced babies in the comfort of their own homes from – Malaysia ,  instead of admitting their babies into the hospital.

 Rental Package: :                                                                              

 RM380.00 for 3 days  period  or  RM300.00 for 2 days period

(LED Phototherapy Light + Eye Patch )

Optional : Jaundice Meter For RM50.00

 Jaundice meter is an instrument that measure increased levels of bilirubin in the  blood




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