Rent Phototherapy – Rent Phototherapy Light Treatment At Home

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Rent Phototherapy  – Rent Phototherapy Light Treatment At Home

If you need a Phototherapy for your newborns jaundice, please call to inquire if  available in your area: 012-3404007  or  016-3404626



If you found this page, you may have been looking for Phototherapy Device for  rental, which may be causing a little stress.  For you want to be home and yet your doctor has informed you that your baby has jaundice and treatment is necessary to avoid a hospital stay.  The good news is we have the solution for your problem and we are in business to serve you.

We provide phototherapy machines so you can be home!  A phototherapy machine, also called a Firefly Phototherapy, is used to treat jaundice in newborns.  Sometimes treatment is completed while in the hospital before leaving from your maternity stay.  In some cases, the doctor will allow treatment at home.  We are a solution that will allow you all to be in the comfort of your home, where you want to be with your newborn.

We will work with you to get a machine to you as quickly as possible.  We want you to be home with your newborn, bonding with family and enjoying your new life together.  For more details please call.

Call Now : 012-3404007   or  016-3404626

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